Steering Group

SENDIASS Steering Group has representation from a number of services and professionals supporting children and young people with additional needs. The group includes parents who have been with the service and are well placed to providing parental perspective on the effectiveness in services delivered.


The SENDIASS Steering Group will:

  • promote and develop the SENDIAS Service (SENDIASS)
  • work in partnership with the SENDIASS and the Local Authority
  • help to write and monitor the Annual Development Plan
  • help to monitor the resources of SENDIASS
  • support the SENDIASS Team Lead and team
  • ensure that the SENDIASS meets the needs of parent/carers for impartial information, advice and support
  • provide “consumer” views on the SENDIASS

A forum for discussion of parent/carer issues which will help to:

  • identify and promote good practice, raise issues and concerns, identify gaps in services
  • pass on the above information to relevant agencies
  • have a formal mechanism for presenting this information to the Local Authority
  • have a formal mechanism for the Local Authority and relevant agencies to respond to the above
  • have a formal mechanism for the Local Authority to keep the group informed of developments in the Peoples Service

The Steering Group plays an active role in guaranteeing an element of independence from the LA by:

  • having a clear understanding with the LA on the role of the Service
  • promoting a culture of challenge and support; supporting both the SENDIASS and LA in service delivery and the arrangements for maintaining impartiality